EBF Meetings


On the EBF

EBF was founded in 2006 at the initiative of 12 pharmaceutical companies. Its goal was to create a platform for discussions around science, day-to-day procedures, business tools, technologies and regulatory issues in Bioanalysis. Until 2010, EBF membership was limited to pharmaceutical R&D companies with bioanalytical activities in Europe. From 2011 onwards, the EBF welcomed CROs having regulated BioA lab-activities in Europe. In 2010, the EBF registered as a non-profit organisation (vzw) (the Belgian Act of 27 June 1921 on non-profit associations, international non-profit associations and foundations. The EBF non-profit organisation was integrated into the Belgian Code on Companies and Associations (the BCCA) in 2023. For more information, go to https://e-b-f.eu

On our meetings

The EBFย organises three meeting formats which are open to all:

  1. Focus Workshops (FW): 1.5 days workshops organised around themes of high or urgent interest to the EBF community, or to connect the EBF with adjacent disciplines (i.e. our stakeholders) to create synergy and mutual learning. FWs are non-sponsored meetings. They are organised within a relatively short lead time with a frequency of 2 times/year: Spring FW and ย Autumn FW. For more details on the current planning click on tab Springfocus and Autumnfocus respectively.
  2. Open Symposium (OS): Ever since 2008, the EBF organises a yearly OS in Barcelona (Spain) in the 2nd half of November. For the OS, we allow sponsoring. Over the years, our OSย  has become a landmark for bioanalytical discussions in Europe, inviting all regions across the globe, and has created a true Forum-like spirit where people meet and openly discuss science, regulations and process/technology in line with the goals of the EBF. For more details on the current planning click on tab Open
  3. Young Scientist Symposium: Since 2014, the EBF organises a YSS. The format was created to provide uniqueย  development opportunities for young scientist. Creating a peer community of young scientists has been a proven recipe to lower the threshold for engagement in cross company pre-competitive interactions. For details of the meeting, click on tab YSS

For agenda and slide decks of previous FWs, OS or YSS click on tab Previous Meetings

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